387th District Court Parenting Class/Mediation

(Updated January 1, 2013)


Except for good cause shown to the Court, all parties to lawsuits in which there are minor children (whether conservatorship is contested or not) are required to attend a parent education seminar within 30 days of filing for Petitioner and 30 days of service for Respondent. A certificate verifying attendance at the parent education seminar shall be filed with the Court upon completion and filed with the District Clerk.

Children Cope with Divorce, locations in Richmond and Houston, (713) 952-COPE Escape Family Resource Center, locations in Richmond and Houston, (713) 942-9500 Depelchin Children's Center, locations in Stafford and Houston, (713) 730-2335 Divorce as Friends-Stop the Conflict, Houston (713) 520-5370


The Court has approved the following online courses:

The Court must approve any other online course not listed above in advance. Further, this list is subject to change. Please verify with the Fort Bend County District Clerk before taking the Parenting Course.