Child Support, Custody & Medical Support Modification Attorney Houston, TX

Modification cases have to do with change. Until a child becomes an adult, the Texas Family Code provides a mechanism to address changes in circumstances affecting the conservators (usually the parents), the child, or another person affected by the order to be modified. In every Modification case it is necessary to let the court know what facts and circumstances have changed, what provisions of the prior order need to be changed, and why the proposed changes to the prior order are in the best interest of the child.

In a modification case the court is able to make changes to orders providing for conservatorship, child support and medical support. Changes to the conservator-ship order may include changing which parent (or non-parent conservator) will have "custody" of the child; whether or not a geographic restriction on where the child must live should be lifted or changed; who will have the right to make various decisions concerning the child, and whether the decisions will be made by one or both parents independently, exclusively by one parent, or jointly by agreement of the parents; and whether the terms of possession and access (visitation) that the noncustodial parent has with the child or children should be changed. Changes to the child support and medical support order have to do with increases or decreases in the amount of child support and how medical support (health insurance) is provided for the child.

Although modification cases can be relatively simple, they can also be very complex. Aside from the fact that the other parent may not agree to the proposed changes and may choose to contest the proposed changes, complexities arise when the underlying order to be modified must be transferred from one Texas county to another. Even greater complexities arise in Interstate cases involving children. In Interstate Modification cases one or both parents may have moved to Texas, or one parent may move to Texas and the other parent may either remain in the original state or has moved from the original state to another state other than Texas. In other cases, one parent may remain in Texas and the other parent may move to another state. In every Interstate Modification case, it is necessary to determine whether or not the Texas Family Court has jurisdiction over the children and the parents. These determinations can only be made by carefully reviewing the facts and circumstances of each case.

As an experienced Houston family law attorney I have handled many Modification cases over the years, including Interstate Modification cases, in which I have represented both men and women. I am committed to providing you with the time and personal attention you need in order to help you develop realistic goals and objectives and to understand the process of resolving your Modification case as smoothly as possible, ease your worries and concerns, and help you make difficult and life changing decisions that will affect you and your child.

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