Annulment Lawyer in Houston, Texas

An annulment is a way to dissolve a marriage but is only granted under very limited circumstances. Retaining an experienced family law, Annulment lawyer in Houston can help you through this process. In Texas a court can grant an annulment when:

  • A party to the marriage is older than 16 but young than 18
  • A party is under the influence of alcohol or narcotics
  • Cases of impotency
  • Cases involving fraud, duress, or force
  • A party lacks mental capacity
  • Cases of a concealed divorce
  • Cases where marriage takes place less than 72 hours after the license is issued

Annulments are not very common and, once granted, the marriage becomes void and is considered to have never happened. However, while the marriage relationship itself is dissolved as if it never took place, all of the same rules apply to property division and children as in divorce. The court can make temporary and final orders concerning property and children just as if the parties were married.

If your marriage is of short duration and you suspect that there is a defect in the marriage contract, Houston family lawyer Richard Lybarger will gladly evaluate your situation to determine if seeking an annulment is appropriate under Texas law.

For more information about this solution-oriented, new approach to separation and divorce proceedings, contact Lybarger Law Firm.