Comprehensive Family Law Services

Family law encompasses much more than just divorce and custody matters. Some issues stay in the realm of resolving conflict, but others bring about positive changes. In all cases, successful outcomes are those that address your needs and accomplish your goals.

At the Law Office of Richard Lybarger, we focus exclusively on family law matters for this very reason. By narrowing our services to helping families in the Houston area, we bring the deep knowledge and legal insight needed to help them overcome a variety of legal issues. From separations and annulments to modifications and adoptions, we can help your family at whatever stage of life it's at.

Other Pathways To Marital Separation

In addition to divorces, our firm assists those who seek other means of living separate and apart. One of these is a legal separation, which the state of Texas does not actually recognize. However, sometimes couples agree that the costs of divorce outweigh its benefits, so they seek alternatives. Attorney Richard Lybarger can assist you in determining what options you may have besides a divorce.

Another option besides divorce is annulment. The rules governing annulment seem fairly straightforward, but the process can quickly overwhelm the average person. Our firm will first help determine whether you can annul your marriage. If so, we will gather the appropriate evidence acceptable to the court and make your case.

Modifying Agreements Or Court Orders

As life moves on after a divorce or custody agreement, needs and lifestyles could change drastically. Most people seek modifications when they can no longer pay their support obligations due to a serious financial setback, like the loss of a job. Others may wish to move away with minor children, which can be difficult to do in Texas, but not impossible. We'll outline your options and help you seek solutions to fit your new circumstances.

Less Contentious Family Law Issues

Our firm can also assist you with less contentious processes, like adoptions and name changes. Most people elect to change their name as the result of divorce or annulment. As always, having an experienced lawyer on your side can make the process more efficient.

Our adoption practice focuses primarily on cases of families in transition, such as stepparent or grandparent adoptions due to remarriage or allegations of parental abuse and neglect. We understand the sometimes emotionally charged nature of these cases. We take a sensitive, compassionate stance to helping our clients protect the children they care about.

Whatever Your Family's Needs, We Can Help

We seek to be a light in the storm of your family's current situation, offering clear advice and step-by-step guidance. Call 713-863-9000 or contact us online to schedule a consultation at our office in Sugar Land today.