Obtaining Clarity When Facing Divorce

Contemplating a divorce is always difficult, even if you know the marriage is over. Making important decisions that will impact your future and your kids' lives can be overwhelming when you're in the midst of emotional and possibly financial turmoil.

The Law Office of Richard Lybarger offers sound guidance and a clear head during this often challenging time. A knowledgeable and experienced family lawyer, Richard Lybarger has helped countless families in the Houston area navigate the complexities of divorce. From dividing marital property fairly to determining a parenting schedule that works for your family, he provides sound advice to overcome this challenging process successfully.

Alternatives To An Angry Divorce

Many people put off seeking a divorce lawyer because of the horror stories they've heard from friends and relatives. However, your divorce does not have to become one of those stories.

There are now more options than ever to avoid a traditional courtroom divorce. If you and your partner can agree on most issues, Richard Lybarger can assist you in finalizing your decisions through an uncontested divorce. Many couples these days also use mediation or collaborative proceedings to work out solutions to marital property division and child custody.

These processes give parties and their counsel space and time to reach mutually acceptable agreements without court intervention. This keeps the decisions in your hands, not a judge's, and final agreements are kept private as opposed to going on the public record.

Choosing The Right Path For Your Family

A strong supporter of these less contentious methods in appropriate cases, Richard Lybarger can help you determine whether your case would benefit from the collaborative divorce process. However, he also understands that there are times when nothing less than a judge's order will do to resolve family conflicts.

Whether your divorce is contested or uncontested, Mr. Lybarger strives to help clients resolve complicated issues quickly, avoiding negative publicity and attention where possible.

Let's Get Started

Dividing assets and splitting child custody are private family matters. Attorney Lybarger's goal in every case is to preserve your family's dignity and reputation as you make this difficult transition. To learn more, contact our office in Sugar Land, Texas, by calling 713-863-9000 to schedule a consultation.