Custody & Visitation

When people think of a "Custody" or "Visitation" case they may be facing several different kinds of problems. If the parents are not married, not married to each other, or if they are married and separated and not sure they want to end their marriage, they should have court orders in place to specify who will have the right to designate the primary residence of their child ("custody"), how decisions will be made for their child, how visitation will be addressed, whether or not the child's residence will be subject to a geographic restriction, who will pay child support and how much child support will be paid, and how medical support will be provided for the child. If the parents are not married to each other, it will also be necessary to ask the court to legally establish ("adjudicate") the parent-child relationship between the child and the child's biological father. Sometimes it is necessary to make changes to an existing conservator-ship order.

In this situation, it is necessary to file a Petition to Modify Parent-Child Relationship. This may include a request to change which parent (or non-parent conservator) will have "custody" of the child (the right to designate the child's primary residence); whether or not a geographic restriction on where the child must live should be lifted or changed; who will have the right to make various decisions concerning the child, and whether the decisions will be made by one or both parents independently, exclusively by one parent, or jointly by agreement of the parents; and whether the terms of possession and access (visitation) that the noncustodial parent has with the child or children should be changed. Changes regarding custody and visitation will often make is necessary to change the existing court orders for child support and medical support. If there is a change in custody, the court will most likely reverse who pays and receives child support for the child.

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Custody and Visitation cases can become very complex and emotionally charged. For most people nothing is more important to them than the welfare of their children, and the breakup of an intimate relationship can make it particularly difficult to resolve important issues of custody and visitation. in many instances the parties find they have little in common and they must now find a way to co-parent their child and address the child's financial needs over the course of many years, and may have vastly different values and beliefs with regard to parenting.

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As an experienced Houston family law attorney I have handled many custody and visitation cases over the years in which I have represented both men and women. I am not here to judge you or criticize you for decisions you have made. On the contrary, my goal is to protect your interests, and guide you through what may very well be one of the loneliest, most difficult, upsetting, and frightening times in your life. I am committed to providing you with the time and personal attention you need in order to help you develop realistic goals and objectives and to understand the process of resolving your paternity case by discussing your various options, and ease your worries and concerns, as you make difficult and life changing decisions that will affect you and your child as you face the prospect of co-parenting with a person with whom you may no longer have much in common.

When both parties are represented by experienced and ethical attorneys, they are usually able to reach an acceptable agreement and avoid the necessity of trial. Sometimes cases involving custody and visitation can be handled through the Collaborative Law process. In the Collaborative Law process the parties are able to work at their own pace and are not as tied to the Court schedule. The Collaborative Law process may be particularly well suited to professionals, and others who may have significant public recognition, and schedules that demand the kind of flexibility that the court typically does not have the ability to provide. The Collaborative Law process affords people a much greater degree of privacy with regard to their personal and financial matters, and allows them to work toward a mutually agreeable resolution.

As an experienced Houston family law attorney, it is my goal to make the process of resolving your custody and visitation case flow as smooth as possible. At the Lybarger Law Firm, we understand the importance of educating our clients about their rights in regards to establishing the parent-child relationship and handling paternity cases in Texas.

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