Help Is Here During A Difficult Time

Divorce and family law issues touch upon all aspects of family and parent-child relationships. It is a far different practice than other areas of the law, which have to do with impersonal things that may include a dispute over the performance of a contract, problems with the manufacturing process or sale of some product, real estate construction or the sale of real estate, etc. By contrast, divorce and family law matters are deeply personal, touching the lives of people, their children, and their finances.

For most people, regardless of their education, culture, religion, economic or professional status, nothing tends to be more important to them than the welfare of their children and their present and future financial wellbeing. Thus, nothing in life (other than perhaps the loss of a loved one) tends to create as much emotional upset as is associated with the breakup of a marriage or other deeply intimate relationship that was at one time filled with great promise, optimism and hope for the future.

What Makes A Good Divorce And Family Law Attorney

We believe that the attorneys who handle divorce and family law matters are very special people. As an attorney practicing divorce and family law since 1986, Mr. Lybarger has had both the honor and pleasure of being able to practice with some of the finest divorce and family law attorneys in Texas.

We believe good family law attorneys are the kind of people who not only understand and appreciate what is involved with the divorce and family law process from a purely legal standpoint, but are the kind of people who have life experience enabling them to understand and appreciate the personal and emotional aspects their clients are facing. They provide their clients with the kind of wisdom, experience, self-confidence and strength necessary to guide them through what may very well be the most difficult, frightening and challenging time life experiences they will ever face.

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We Are Here To Help

If you or someone you know are facing the possibility of divorce or have a problem involving some other aspect of family law, we are here to help, and encourage you to call our office at 713-863-9000 and schedule an appointment to discuss the specifics of your situation.

For your convenience we can schedule appointments after normal business hours in the evening and on Sunday, but not on Friday evening or on a Saturday.

If You Are Considering Divorce

Before filing for divorce it is important that you give careful and thoughtful consideration as to whether or not filing for divorce is really what you want to do. As you consider the possibility of divorce, we encourage you to engage the services of a competent divorce attorney who can assist you in understanding the divorce process and engage in pre-divorce planning. It is time and money very well spent.

We can help you with divorce planning in many ways, including:

  • Thinking about your options and what you want to do in terms of meeting the needs of your children
  • Understanding the nature and composition of your community property, debts, and the value of your community property
  • Understanding what may be involved in order to address any separate property you or your spouse may have
  • Assessing the need for and the cost associated with the services of various professionals such as accountants, valuation experts, educational professionals, and mental health professionals who may be engaged to assist with your divorce case
  • Addressing areas where you and your spouse might be in agreement and areas where you and your spouse might not agree
  • Understanding what you may expect in regard to the cost of your divorce, and how long it may take to complete your divorce.
  • Understanding the various options available to you for resolving your divorce, such as whether or not you should ask the court to issue a temporary restraining order, and whether it might be possible or advisable to handle the divorce by utilizing the Collaborative Divorce Procedures

We are here to help you with you divorce and other family law matters and encourage you to call and schedule an appointment to discuss your specific problems and needs.

If you decide to divorce or already have decided to divorce, we can also help you determine how you should proceed, whether through a settlement, mediation, collaborative divorce procedures or a trial.